The Dao

I stumbled on quite an ambitious venture from the Ethereum corner, the DAO. A Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Basically it is an investment fund aimed at funding projects using the Ethereum blockchain and Ethereum computer, but it can fund any project. The DAO will in this setup initially hire to execute projects in the emerging IoT (Internet of Things) market. and the DAO both have key members of the Ethereum project working for them.

Coindesk published an article on the DAO, which gives a far better explanation that I can come up with.

The DAO collected over 50 million dollars in funding in 10 days, and there is still 18 days left to until the end of May 2016 to exchange Ether for DAO tokens. Some estimate it will attract 100 million dollars in funding. To put it in perspective, Digital Asset Holdings of Blythe Masters attracted 60 million dollars in funding of amongst others JP Morgan, Santander and BNP Paribas.

Maybe I should add a disclaimer, investment implies risk, never invest what you cannot afford to loose, use due diligence. This project to my opinion is very high risk. I could afford to loose a thousand dollars in Ether so I am game.

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